ShareWorkz On Premise

Capitalise on your existing infrastructure

Built entirely on the Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services V3.0 (included free with Microsoft Windows Server ), ShareWorkz V4 allows you to capitalise on your existing systems and current in-house expertise without the need to invest in new hardware, recruit expensive development specialists or contract to external expertise.

By enabling users to create sophisticated Intranets and Extranets in under one hour with no IT knowledge, your IT department is relieved from the pressures of developing, implementing and maintaining sites.

SharePoint V4 can be tightly integrated with your existing applications (both from the Microsoft product platform as well as the 1,000's of 3rd party vendors who products support SharePoint), avoiding the need to invest in multiple products for Collaboration, project management, document management, content management etc. 


  • Runs on Windows SharePoint Services (included free in Windows Server 2003)
  • Low TCO by capitalising on your current systems and in-house IT expertise
  • ShareWorkz cascading roll-out dramatically reduces implementation costs
  • Instant, sophisticated Intranets and Extranets without bespoke development or external expertise
  • Tight integration with existing applications