ShareWorkz Seminars

Learn how ShareWorkz can make you more productive

The seminars are highly interactive events, with insights from industry experts, best practice collaboration research and demonstrations of technology in action. They will show you how ShareWorkz can help your organisation improve collaboration with an intranet and extranet collaboration platform that can be built in under an hour.

  • Seminars are held at ICS Solutions in Basingstoke and at Microsoft UK Venues
  • Key features and benefits are highlighted throughout the seminar events, with demonstrations of creation, customisation and use of ShareWorkz
  • We offer FREE half day client workshops once you have attended a seminar

What our ShareWorkz seminar attendees have said

"Great seminar, lots of useful information and demos showing professionalism and skill. Finally someone who understands how to make an intranet look polished - no mean feat" - Shareworkz seminar attendee

"Excellent seminar - a lot of information gained in a short space of time"
Glenn Cullum, Starting Point Solutions

Find out about ShareWorkz - see for yourself:

  • The business case for effective collaboration
  • See ShareWorkz create a SharePoint intranet and extranet in under an hour
  • How ShareWorkz can be customised for your organisation
  • ShareWorkz Benefits (demonstrations of all main features)
  • ShareWorkz Implementation
  • ShareWorkz Pricing

What will the 3 hour Intranet and extranet seminar cover?

This 3 hour interactive seminar will help you find out how ICS ShareWorkz V4 can help your organisation improve user, team, customer and partner collaboration. We will show how you can create a best practice intranet and extranet in under an hour!

ShareWorkz V4 key features and benefits will be highlighted throughout the seminar, and there will be a live demonstration of ShareWorkz V4 in action. We will also demonstrate how easy it is to rapidly create an intranet and how intuitive ShareWorkz V4 is to use.

Ask Questions

ICS collaboration experts love to talk about the many features of ShareWorkz and their application in real business situations.

These events are your opportunity to ask questions and get a clear picture of how ShareWorkz can be implemented in your organisation and how it will help you increase productivity through more effective collaboration.

General Information

The events are for any organisation interested in replacing or implementing an intranet or extranet collaboration platform. They are highly interactive and demonstration-based, giving you a real insight into both technical features and business reality.

If, after attending an event, you would like an even deeper insight into how ShareWorkz can be applied within your business, there will be the opportunity to book a free half-day workshop.