Project Collaboration

Maybe I should have done that first...

It doesn't matter if your project is as small as preparing a sales proposal or as complex as implementing a new IT system. You and your staff need to collaborate. And the more complex the project, the greater the number of people involved and the more crucial close collaboration becomes.

Traditional information silos and on-line file sharing just don't do the job.

Now you can build your project intranet...

In a world first, ShareWorkz V4 now makes it possible for users with no technical knowledge to build sophisticated project sites and deploy them on Intranets in minutes; streamlining projects, reducing costs and ensuring unprecedented levels of collaboration.

And successfully manage your projects...

You can now manage even major projects more efficiently and effectively than ever before; enable all staff involved in each separate or inter-linked project to have unrivalled access to the latest information they need to play their role at every stage.

ShareWorkz V4 - your collaborative project management solution 

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Screenshot - project collaboration