Content Management

I didn't know that had changed!

Effective corporate communication can present huge challenges. You know that information sharing is important but how do you get the right information to the right people at the right time?

You only need to do and say it once

ShareWorkz V4 gives you a central location for corporate communication; keeping employees up to date, improving team cohesion, productivity, efficiencies and your bottom line.

Template libraries make it easy for everyone

With a library of templates that get you up and running in minutes, ShareWorkz V4 delivers collaboration Intranet solutions that can range from a repository for travel or holiday request forms through to major projects.

Users with no technical knowledge can create sophisticated pages; content management becomes easier, faster and controllable; approval processes are more automated and you release your IT department to focus on its core tasks.

For everyone

  • All authorised users can create and apply themes to new intranet pages instantly
  • RAD editor provides a rich content authoring environment
  • Allows non-skilled users to create rich, colourful content rapidly
  • Easy inclusion of multimedia - sound, video and shockwave components
  • Multi-point aggregating news engine delivers news centrally and to user groups