Intranet Builder

Sophisticated Intranets in under one hour

Effective corporate communication can often represent a huge challenge. Most organisations recognise the importance of information sharing, but many lack the ability to make information easily available to the right teams and people in a timely manner.


Intranets are traditionally complex and time consuming to set up. There are often user administration and security management challenges.

ShareWorkz V4 reduces the need for any IT support intervention and removes delays associated with adding important new contributors to an Intranet site.

A centrally controlled group of users is able to directly provision intranets, adding approved new users through a self-service online form, as and when required

Pre-defined templates

ShareWorkz V4 is an off-the-shelf solution that can be implemented quickly with minimum impact on your IT resources.

Content management becomes easier and more controllable for users and approval processes more automated, eliminating reliance on IT departments.

Users can upload their own content, images and layouts to create sophisticated looking Intranet pages that can be accessed throughout the organisation, and      pre-defined content templates make this even easier.