Collaboration Nirvana

ShareWorkz V4 brings the benefits of collaboration to everyone in your company, for every scenario, saving you time and money, increasing performance and productivity, and radically transforming the ways in which you and your staff work together.

The benefits of a sophisticated intranet

ShareWorkz V4 reduces your costs and improves your operational efficiencies and productivity by creating a central location for the creation, storage, publishing, access and retrieval of all your information - documents, files, records, graphics, contact details, communications, etc.

Users can create their own sophisticated Intranet pages using pre-defined templates in the Intranet Builder.

Information Dashboards guarantee that you can access the information that you want, when you want it. What's more you can view it in a customised format that precisely meets your unique requirements.

For everyone

Instead of enabling collaboration nirvana on only one or two of your largest projects, SharePoint V4 endows collaboration nirvana on all of your internal activities.