Information Collaboration

I thought this information was up to date?

Information is your company's best kept secret. Safely stored in applications spread across your organisation, carefully hidden as documents, and securely locked up in the heads of your employees, is the information that you need to transform your business and revolutionise your relationship with the outside world.

Equally, your partners, suppliers and customers have their own knowledge and information that would immeasurably benefit your company - if only they could share it with you.

Centralise internal and external information

ShareWorkz V4 is the only complete collaborative Extranet and Intranet solution that integrates multiple applications and disparate information sources into a single source, that can be accessed, updated and shared both internally and externally.

Make it accessible and available to everyone

With a common user interface, employees, clients, partners and other third parties have the power to collaborate effectively and efficiently with access to the information they want, when they want it, wherever they want it - in a customised format.

ShareWorkz V4

Your collaborative extranet information management solution