Extranet Creator

Eliminating bespoke development

Extranets are typically time consuming and expensive to build, requiring significant custom development and complex levels of security.

They can be extremely valuable collaborative tools, but risk becoming 'silos' of information if they do not integrate with other systems containing customer, partner or supplier information.

Putting the user in control

ShareWorkz V4 provides a sophisticated Extranet 'out-of-the-box', eliminating the costs and complexity of bespoke Extranet development and removing the burden that is often placed on IT team.

A centrally controlled group of users can directly provision extranets, adding approved new internal or external users to a collaboration group through a self-service online form, as and when required.

Users can create sophisticated Extranets in minutes, sharing documents and information with third parties, significantly enhancing your management of suppliers and helping you grow your relationships with customers and partners.