Collaboration Nirvana

The emergence of WSS V3 and Web 2.0 has contributed to the explosive growth in the adoption of Extranets and the drive to provide external parties with the same levels or collaboration and information sharing that are delivered by Intranets.

Yet too many organisations believe that the development and implementation of Extranets is an expensive, time-consuming process that is extremely complex to set up and maintain.

Users can rapidly create their own sophisticated Extranets

ShareWorkz V4 allows you to create sophisticated Extranet collaboration solutions in under one hour and without IT involvement (using the Extranet Creator); bringing the benefits of collaboration to everyone associated with your company - employees, partners, consultants and customers.

Low-cost collaboration across and beyond the business

Instead of enabling collaboration nirvana on only one or two of your largest projects, SharePoint V4 endows collaboration nirvana on all of your external and internal activities.

ShareWorkz V4 - your collaborative extranet management solution

The "killer feature" of ShareWorkz is an extranet forms engine, taking the standard SharePoint forms engine one step further to allow secure interaction between extranet users and the intranet forms.